We support the pilot users of UBER application with credits, so that they can acquire a car and start generating their own income.


  • Ease:Requirements available to all and very simple to complete.

  • Agility: Your credit will be disbursed in record time.

  • Comfort: Our loan officers will visit your business to collect the necessary information.

  • Proximity: You can make the payment of your credit in FINCA agencies throughout the country, and in all authorized points; TIGO Money, G&T Continental Bank, InterBanco, BAM, Farmacias Batres and Cajas de Desarrollo.


  • Amounts: Until Q. 400,000.00

  • Deadlines: Until 48 months.

  • Guarantee: Pledge over movable or immovable property.


  • UBER service income table.

  • Recent quote of vehicle to acquire.

  • Age: From 21 to 69 years old.

  • Receipt of water, electricity or telephone.

  • National Identity Card or photocopy of valid document in the country.

  • Collaborate with the credit officer providing the required information.