General Questions

What does FINCA stand for?2019-07-12T07:38:47-06:00

FINCA is an acronym for the Foundation for International Community Assistance.

What times and days are you open for business?2019-07-12T07:38:16-06:00

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturdays 8:00 AM to 12 noon.

Where I can make payments?2019-07-12T07:38:23-06:00

Payments can be made at all branches of FINCA Guatemala, at any TIGO Money service points, and at Banco Agromercantil (BAM) branches.


What loan products do you offer?2019-07-12T07:38:35-06:00

We offer Individual Loans and Group Loans.

How much do I have to pay back monthly?2019-07-12T07:38:45-06:00

This depends on the approved loan period and loan amount requested.

How long does it take me to access a loan from you?2019-07-12T07:40:19-06:00

How fast we grant loans depends on the speed with which you provide the required documentation.

Whats the loan amount you can give me?2019-07-12T07:40:08-06:00

The loan amount that will be given to a client depends on the type of loan and payment capacity of the client.

Do you give Salary- based loans?2019-07-12T07:39:49-06:00

At present we do NOT offer salary- based loans.

Can I use income from sources other than business to pay off the loan?2019-07-12T07:39:43-06:00

Although our loan assessment is based on business income, you may be allowed to repay your loan with income from other sources.

What collateral do you require for the loan?2019-07-12T07:40:32-06:00

For Individual Loans, the only collateral required are your business assets and household pledges. To the credit of the guarantee is secured group.