Success Stories

Vilma Esther Similox

Every morning at 5 am, Vilma Esther Similox stands behind her blue table-clothed table full of fruits, juice, eggs, milk and boxes of vitamins, ready to greet customers with an eager, bright smile. Mother of three runs her fresh juice stand in Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

Latest Stories

Group Artesanas de Chicua

The members are engaged in day to day succeed making woven natural ink, with his family get up very early to make their tissues and be able to financially support their home. Women which give thanks to FINCA Guatemala to trust them and give them the credit and that is how they can buy, threads, sedalina, ink, looms.

Consuelo Solórzano

After 34 cycles of impeccably punctual payments Consuelo Concepción thanks FINCA Guatemala for supporting her group of women who have grown their businesses and improved their quality of life.

Anselmo Zaput Palax

Anselmo Zaput, like many Guatemalans is a hardworking man. The need and concern, however, of providing daily sustenance to his family led him to seek support from FINCA Guatemala. In so doing, he found the investment and support for his business that he needed.


Norma Leticia Figueroa

With credits FINCA Guatemala could invest and rent space and expand your business and to invest to give customers a wider range of products. Today not only sell chicken, also different types of meat.

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